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Dubai Healthcare City:

Dubai Healthcare City is a project that is the first of its kind. It is a pioneer project that is designed to bridge the gap between healthcare and home care that exists in the region between South East Asia and Europe. The project is also designed to benefit patients and healthcare professionals and from its inception it has already begun providing better ways for healthcare providers to reach out to those who need them most. 

The scale of this project is so large that it will be beneficial not just to this area but to a wide array of people from all areas and walks of life.

Value Propositions- The benefits as seen from a medical provider standpoint are inclusive of many financial ones. These include:

  • Low operating costs
  • State-of-the-art facilities that will require little or no correction or overhead and upkeep
  • Flexible real estate designed to suit the industry (laboratories, pharmacies, etc.)
  • Integrated healthcare community providing specialized
  • first-class medical care
Business Convenience includes many different benefits not the least of which are:
  • No bureaucracy or red tape
  • One-stop-shop open all hours for all requirements
  • Business support services (hospitality, events, etc.)
Healthcare Community can benefit from these projects by:
  • Networking and connectivity with global brands / customers
  • Coverage of the entire value chain of healthcare
Complementary Facilities-The medical community as well as the patients can benefit in more than the standard ways by the use of add-on facilities that will allos them to take advantage of such things as:
  • Conference centers
  • Telemedicine facilities
  • Residential community
  • Recreational facilities
If you are someone or you know someone who is in need of a stopgap medical community, the ways and means are here for them today. View the tables below and see what we have to offer you.




Spaces: Clinical office centers

Plot of land : To construct centers clinics offices

Rental per annum * US$ 32.73 Subject to management decision
Possible legal entities Branch of a foreign company (Parent company Should be in existence for minimum 2 year) Branch of a UAE company including entities established in other UAE free zone FZ LLC
(Single shareholding value per share is US$ 273 (AED 1,000)
(Multiple shareholding)
Value per share is US$ 273 
Capital None None US$ 81,811 US$ 81,811
Formation fee US$ 955 US$ 955 US$ 955 US$ 955
Type of license Professional License Clinical operating Commercial license permits
Fee (for two years term) Health care professional: US$ 1,364 Hospital: US$ 5,454


US$ 7,363 – US$ 19,635 
(AED 27,000 – 72,000)
Allied heal proff. : US$ 327 Diagnostic centre: US$ 5,999(AED 22,000)  
    Private practitioner US$ 3,000(AED 11,000)  
    Outpatient Surgery centre US$ 5,999(AED 22,000)  
    Long-term care centre US$ 9,545(AED 35,000)  
    Multi specially clinic US$ 8,863 (AED 32,500)  
    Outpatient rehabilitation centre / laboratory / Geriatric care centre US$ 4,909(AED 18,000)  
    Pharmacies US$ 3,600 (AED13,212)  
Segments Academic medical centre; Harvard Medical School Centre, Teaching Hospital, Research centre wellness cluster; check up facilities, sports medicine, wellness centre, nutrition centre, resort and SPA, Health farm.
Medical cluster; pharmaceutical and equipment, private hospitals and clinics, Transplantation centre, rehabilitation centre, diagnostic centre, day clinics, Alternative medicine.
Health care and support cluster; Telemedicine, Telehealth, Health care services, Healthcare consultants, Medical Engineering Services, Medical Laboratories.
Visas Depends on the size of the office space leased.
Company formation 30 days
Other info * Rental rates shown above is subject to change
Private Developers also offer real estate facilities in DHCC