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Dubai Internet City Free Zone

If you're in the market for a better way to do business, Crowe Mak Business Consultants can help. It is our goal to provide you with the finest in business settings at Dubai Internet City. 

Dubai Internet City is the first complete Technology & communication center in the Middle East. Built inside a free trade zone, it boasts the largest commercial IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony system in the world. Dubai Internet City was designed to support the current needs of information & communication technology companies.as well as the future requirements and the business development of trend shaping communication and technology corporations. 

Dubai Internet City Free Zone provides these companies with a modern, facility that is already up and running. The on-site business facility brings with it office space that is fully serviced and ready to cater to the specific needs of the IT & communication technology companies fortunate enough to do business here. 

It offers them a modern ready-to-operate, fully serviced office space catering to the specific needs of today’s new economy companies offering both wired and wireless networks. It has taken next to no time at all for an international community of IT and ICT companies to become established in Dubai Internet City. These dynamic companies include Oracle, HP, IBM, Dell Siemens, Canon, Sony Ericsson, Cisco, Microsoft, and Compaq, to name just a few of the most impressive.

Dubai Internet City provides a high quality of business, outstanding interaction and top notch networking opportunities for companies such as these giants to expand their horizons and explore new options. Health, medical companies and IT giants are all choosing Dubai Internet City. With an environment that attracts the best of the best in IT and communications technology, the area boasts--and provides--remarkable services to those who choose to do business here.

Facilities offered

Office units
Minimum space available is 700 Sq.feet 
No space restriction

Plot of land
Different sizes

Rental per annum US$ 32.75 (AED 120) / per sq. foot Subject to Mgt decision    
Lease period One year, annually renewable Up to fifty years.    
Possible legal entities Branch of a foreign company(parent company should be in existence for minimum 2 years) Branch of a UAE company including entities established in other UAE free zones FZ LLC
(single shareholding)
value per share is US$ 273 (AED 1,000
(Multiple shareholding value per share is US$ 273 
(AED 1,000)
Capital-cash physical None None *US$ 13,635
(AED 50,000)
*US$ 13,635
(AED 50,000)
No of shareholder - - One No restriction
Formation fee US$ 955
AED 3,500
US$ 955
AED 3,500
US$ 955
AED 3,500
US$ 955
AED 3,500
Types of license issued According to the DIC segments      
Licese fee US$ 4,091 (AED 15,000      
Business segments Web based, back office, consultancy, IT support, software developments, business services      
Visas Depends on the size of the office space leased.      
Company formation period 30 days      
Other info * Capital amount shown above is only the minimum indicative figure and can vary according to project outlay.
First step at DIC enables new investors to explore the business opportunities by leasing office space for a short-term period. This helps the companies to test the viability of the plan before setting up a full fledged operation unit. However, short term lease in First step does not qualify the company for a Trade license.