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Dubai Media City Free Zone

Dubai Media City Free Zone

Crowe Mak business consultants have been instrumental in facilitating a business setup for companies in the Dubai Media City Free Zone. The media city free zone is conveniently and strategically located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It sits at the very crossroads of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Dubai Media City also being referred to as DMC will be the hub of operations for media companies from around the globe and has already begun to be one of the most sought after areas by giants in the industry. 

DMC is where every aspect of media and every type of media business will be free to create and to report and to provide news and entertainment to citizens from around the globe. Whether it is Broadcasting, Publishing, Advertising, Public Relations, Research, Music, or Post Production, each of these arenas will thrive and provide entertainment to people around the world. 

The benefits that are inherent in DMC for broadcasters include:

  • Broadband and telecommunication access.
  • Production and postproduction facilities and studios.
  • Growth opportunities.
The Vision of the Dubai Media city is to create and consequently to market a world class environment that will enable all aspects of the media and all players in the media industry to operate with state of the art products and services. 

Their objective is to attract the best and brightest. They seek to attract to retain and to help to grow companies from specific areas of the media and entertainment industry. If your company falls within this segment of the media market, you're a company that can achieve growth and can benefit from interaction with the Dubai Media City. 

Target Businesses:


News Papers, Magazines, Educational & Professional Books, Consumer Books & Magazines, Promotional Content, Online & Electronic Content, e-Books, Directories & Guides Broadcasting:

TV & Radio

Filmed Entertainment, Production and Post-Production: Film Production & Distribution, Media Content Management & Provider, Film Content Rights Management, Production, Post Production and Animation. Media & Marketing Services: Direct Marketing, Promotional Services, Advertising / Communication & Public Relations Agency, Media Placement, Buying & Selling, Media Representation.


Music Production & Recordings, Music Distribution, Music Publishing, Music Label & Rights Management, Music Promotion & Management 

Providers of Media Service & Support

Broadcasting Hardware & Equipment, Satellite Services & Equipment Provider, GSM & Electronic Media Provider, Media Equipment Rentals, Digital Media.

If you are a media or media support company seeking a place to spread your wings and to grow, Dubai Media City is here to help.



Facilities offered

Office spaces
(min availability is 600 sq. ft)no space restriction

Loft offices

Boutique offices 
(exclusive offices in private villas)
entire villa 5772 Sq. ft / ground floor 2533 Sq. ft

Executive offices in Media business centre) availability is in between 120 to 35. Sq. ft

Executive desk (Media business centre)

Rental per annum US$ 32.75 (AED 120) per sq. US$ 36.82 (AED 135) per Sq. ft US$ 122,717 (AED 450,000) – US$ 149,986 (AED 550,000) US$ 95 sq. ft (AED 350) US$ 6,000
(AED 22,000)
Lease period One year, annually renewable One year, annually renewable One year, annually renewable One year, annually renewable One year, annually renewable
Possible legal entities Branch of a foreign company
(Parent company should be in existence for min 2 years)
Branch of a UAE company including entities established in other UAE free zones FZ LLC
(Single shareholding)
Value per share is US$ 273 (AED 1,000)
(Multiple shareholding )
Value per share is US$ 273 (AED 1,000)
Capital-cash physical None None US$ 13,635
(AED 50,000)
* US$ 13,635
(AED 50,000)
No of shareholders - - One Minimum two
Formation fee US$ 955
(AED 3,500)
US$ 955
(AED 3,500)
US$ 955
(AED 3,500)
US$ 955
(AED 3,500)
Types of license issued Publishing license Broadcasting license  
License fee US$ 5,454
(AED 20,000)
US$ 6,818
(AED 25,000)
US$ 4,091
(AED 15,000)
Business Segments Broadcasting, production, advertising, public relations, recruitment, Music. Publishing, Business consultancy, News Agency, Post-production, Research etc.        
Visas Depends on the size of the office space leased. Executive office is eligible for maximum 3-4 years
formation period 30 days.
Others Entity operating in Media Business centre Executive office requires to pay a jointing fee of US$ 1,364 (AED 5,000) and security deposit of US$ 2,728 (AED10,000).
Freelance permit allows an individual to operate as a sole practitioner and enables him to conduct the activity in his birth name as opposed to brand name.
A freelancer can use the ‘Hot Desk’ facility of media business centre and total cost for the facility is US$ 6,545 (AED 24,000) which includes fee for freelance permit, visa, and a refundable deposit of US$ 1,364 (AED 5,000).
  * Capital amount shown above is only minimum indicative figure and can vary according to project outlay.