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Dubai's International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

Dubai's International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

Dubai's International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) seeks to create a unique environment for media production companies from across the country and around the globe. The goal is to provide for ways that these companies can interact, network and effectively collaborate to provide news, movies, and other methods of entertainment to viewers and to be able to effectively produce and collaborate on these productions.

Catering exclusively to companies in the Graphic art, Publishing and Packaging industries – IMPZ is an initiative of the visionary Dubai government and was designed and developed under the auspices and the patronage of the parent company, Dubai Holdings. 

As a master developer, IMPZ is slated to provide an environment of growth by building key facilities, investing in infrastructures, and forming a unique free zone that incorporates industrial, commercial, residential and community service projects under its broad mantle. The vast complex is being housed on a territory of over 43 million square feet of land, conveniently nestled in the heart of commercial Dubai. 

The IMPZ initiative is part of Dubai's vision to develop itself into a global media hub. As such, it will provide a pro-business environment, sophisticated technology and community infrastructure to support and foster the growth of media production.

Key Investments

IMPZ has committed to an initial investment of approximately US$ 280 million and it is expected that tenants in the printing and packaging business will invest a further US$ 280 million in machinery alone. 

Irresistible Advantages

The IMPZ initiative is designed to bring a wide range of benefits to the industry. As with other free zones in Dubai, companies joining IMPZ can avail of 100 per cent ownership and will be exempted from almost all corporate and personal taxes including those for machinery, equipment, raw materials and spares utilised by the industry. Furthermore, rules governing media production have been simplified to provide maximum ease of operations. The innovative concept of creating a cluster of similar businesses in physical proximity is not a new one to Dubai, and its strategic advantages have been proven to pay off. Co-existing at a single location will enable print companies to coordinate production activities efficiently with feeder companies like machinery and equipment providers and suppliers of raw materials and spares. For small and medium-sized businesses, the time and costs involved in sourcing requirements will be considerably reduced, as they may benefit from several shared services. 

Benefits offered to BP’s

The Zone’s production cluster focusing on the printing and publishing industries will provide superior infrastructure for various activities, available as leasehold land and distinct units for printing, production and warehousing. 

Each unit will act as a complete facility for production operations with exits for loading and unloading raw materials and finished goods. The thermally-insulated production units will be made available on an annual rental basis. 

Printing companies also have the option of taking multiple units or may take a combination of both land and production units.

Strategic Location

Situated on the Emirates Road, in close proximity to the Jebel Ali port and the recently announced Jebel Ali Airport City, IMPZ's nearly perfect location will considerably ease imports, exports and logistics operations, allowing for travel, production and cargo movement with much greater convenience for the companies involved. 

The new airport, when completed, will provide the capacity for handling approximately 120 million passengers annually along with 12 million tonnes of cargo. As for the location of Dubai at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, and with its enviable proximity to multiple markets, it has already proven its mettle as a centre for international operations of all varieties.

Eco-friendly Environment

IMPZ will deploy and promote an eco-friendly industrial environment, where tested concepts and practices will be adopted to recycle waste and enable companies to utilize by-products from other companies and to network to the good of all instead of disposing of these by-products as waste. Renewable energy sources will be included in the site’s infrastructure to guarantee reliable and clean power.

Fulfilling Lifestyle

Complementing and completing the community infrastructure, IMPZ has planned several residential and commercial amenities including family apartments and low-cost accommodations for blue collar workers. Supermarkets, recreational and healthcare facilities and services like banking will also be available in the Zone

For More information at http://www.impz.ae 

IMPZ - at a glance

  • Plots of land: Available to investors who wish to build their own media production outlets
  • Pre-built production units: Pre-engineered units containing warehouses with offices and showrooms
  • Publishing Pavilion: A centre dedicated to the publishing industry.
  • Makateb: Office towers to be built by individual investors.
  • Media Tower: Exclusive offices that provide branding opportunities.
  • Media Market: Niche services for independent media professionals
  • Oasis Residential: Blue collar residential apartment blocks with community facilities
  • The Centrium: White collar residential apartment blocks with community facilities
  • Amwaj: Residential apartments catering to families of employees
  • Terrace Residential: White collar residential apartment blocks with community facilities
  • Masaken: Residential towers to be built by individual investors
  • Logistics Centre: Inventory storage and distribution facilities
  • Community Centre: Facilities for working and residential communities
  • Convention Centre: Exhibition, conference and business centre venues
  • Amphitheatre and Arena: Venues for large events and exhibitions on site
  • Hotel: Located next to the Amphitheatre and Convention centre.
  • Transportation and Service Centre: Facilities for drivers and vehicles
  • Internal transportation system: Convenient transportation between different areas
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